Welcome to the Journey

Although it sounds cliched, it is true a journey of a 1,000 miles does indeed start with a single step.  In my case, it’s a journey of a 1,000 (or more) keystrokes that was started with 2 fingers:  my right pinky on shift and my left pinky on a.   Since my earliest days I have loved the written word in all its forms:  calligraphy, typewritten, mimeographs with their precious smell, novels, dot matrix print outs, ink and laser jet print outs, the smell of freshly printed and bound marketing materials, non-fiction books, poetry and more recipe books than anyone needs in their lifetime.  As well as the enjoyment that devouring the written word has given me, I have also spent many a happy hour whiling away the time developing my own stories, articles and assignments.  Yes I am one of the people who gets excited when she sees 5000 words required for an assignment.

The journey I am beginning with this blog post is very close to my heart and soul – it is the beginning of moving towards a life where my gifts and love are shared with the world and my soul sings.  My destination, and dear reader I do hope you can join me there in the future, is a writer’s retreat somewhere near a beach, that I own and operate, sharing my gift with others and providing a safe space for personal growth and development. Watch this space and join me on the journey.