I’ve found my home in historical fiction

After many attempts at different genres, I’ve finally found my home in the world of historical fiction. I’ve been a history buff since my earliest school days in what was then referred to as “First Settlement City” (it was the 80s and the powers that be considered it an appropriate reference). The journey of those who have walked before us has always been intriguing to me and makes me look at the world with different eyes. What hopes and dreams were in the minds and hearts of those who landed on the beach under the red cliffs?

I’m writing this blog post in the cafe at the Queensland Art Gallery a recorder of history and the thoughts of those who have walked before us. Many people criticise the industrial facade of this building but I have always loved this area and the knowledge it contains. In its own way, the art gallery building is a historical record, a testament to the design thinking of the 1980s.

Writing historical fiction lets me enjoy my love of looking back in wonder and lose myself in finding the stories that are lost due to the human focus of “moving forward”.