Meditation and Creativity

Like a number of my fellow creative types, I live with a monster that dwells in my own head – in my case that monster is anxiety – the constant “you’re not good enough; why are you bothering” spiel has at times been an all day ear worm for me.  The brain monster causes me pain and aims to stop me from chasing my dreams.  As you can see from the lack of blog posts, the monster has been successful recently in stopping me sharing my thoughts and working on my creative projects.

One of the ways that I keep the monster under some form of control (I imagine it’s a wayward dragon that needs constant training) is to use meditation.  I have tried a number of meditations over the years – from CD based guided meditations for managing my anxiety and panic attacks (saying the word “calm” to myself can still take me to a mental image of lying peacefully on a lake in a rowboat looking up at the sky); apps like Headspace and Smiling Mind and meditation following yoga (especially when I can look at the clouds in the sky and hear the waves lapping the beach).  All of these meditations have helped me in different ways to gain clarity in my thoughts and release the creative within.  Stopping for a few moments and concentrating just on being not on doing and not on judging enables me to unplug and re-charge.

I’ve recently started doing the full moon meditations offered by Karma Being Natural Therapies.  These meditations, which are also available as recordings on Facebook, are held at the beach where gentle waves lap at the shore and the moon rises triumphantly over an island.  There is a calmness in the air and the scent of the sea clears the nostrils and you inhale only good vibes.  The meditations I have participated in have used sea creatures and the sea as a way of obtaining clarity; through the meditations I have swum with manta rays and platypus; with the creatures sharing their wisdom and encouraging our personal development.  I come away from these meditations feeling re-energised in my creative endeavours and the monster in my head is quieted.

Is meditation the sole key to creative living?  I don’t believe that it is; it is simply a tool to assist in moving the psychological blocks out of my creativity’s path.  For me creative living requires emotion, learning, practice and sharing.  If my creative gifts are not shared with the universe then do they really exist?

If you would like to start meditating, I have created a short body scan meditation.  The audio version will be up soon.