Short Stories

Tracey writes short stories across genres.  She is planning to release an anthology of works in 2021.

The neighbours gathered by our gate, pretending that they weren’t watching our humiliation.  Mary the maid from the big house by the park stopped to ask our neighbour, Agnes, what was happening.  I saw her heavily ruffled white bonnet that was clearly a cast off from the young ladies of the big house.  She put her baskets of shopping on the ground so that she could bask in Mother’s misfortune.  The leaves crunched under my feet as we walked away from the only home I had ever known.

Except from Eviction Journey inspired by Blandford Fletcher’s 1887 painting, Evicted.  The painting is exhibited at the Queensland Art Gallery.  

Tracey's 2019 Byron Bay Writers Festival Flash Your Fiction Writing Competition Runner Up Entry on display at the festival.